Hourly Rates of Work & Overtime

Normal Working Time
Normal Working Week The normal Working week shall consist of 39 hours worked between Monday and Friday each week.

Normal Daily Hours Normal daily working hours shall consist of four days of eight consecutive hours work undertaken between 7am (normal starting time) and 5pm (normal finishing time) Monday – Thursday inclusive and one day of seven consecutive hours work between 7am (normal starting time) and 4pm (normal finishing time) on Friday.

Overtime Payments The following overtime premium rates will apply from 1st October 2019 in respect of overtime working:
Monday to Friday From normal finishing time to midnight Time plus a half
Monday to Friday From midnight to normal starting time Double Time
Saturday (1) First four hours from normal starting time Time plus a half
Saturday (2) All subsequent hours till midnight Double Time
Sunday All hours worked Double Time
Public Holiday All hours worked Double Time plus an additional day's leave.